Useful Telephone Numbers

Kazakhstan has its own international and local dialing rules which are slightly different from those in Western countries. We hope these simple rules as well as some useful contact numbers will help while you are in Kazakhstan.


If you are making outbound calls from Kazakhstan you need to follow this sequence:

  1. Dial an international access code - 810; then
  2. Dial the country code + the regional code + the local telephone number you want to reach.

To make inbound calls in to Kazakhstan from abroad:

  1. Dial the code for international access; then
  2. Kazakhstan’s country code (7) + the Kazakhstan city or mobile operator code + the Kazakhstan local telephone number.


Depending on whether you are using mobile or land-line phone, you need to use the following rules:

  • Land-line to land-line calls are as simple as dialling the last six digits of the local number. In Almaty, last seven digits should be dialled.
  • If you are calling a land-line from a mobile phone, you must dial the prefix: 8 + the city code and then the local number.
  • If you are calling a mobile phone from a land-line or another mobile phone, you must also dial the prefix: 8 + the mobile operator code + the number.
   Emergency    Health    112
     Fire fighters    101
     Police    102
     Ambulance    103
     Gas Service    104
   Transport    Almaty International Airport    155
     Astana International Airport    1333
     Train Station - Almaty 1    105 / 296 33 92
     Train Station - Almaty 2    105 / 296 13 44
     Bus Station - Sayran    276 26 44
     Bus Station - Sayahat    380 74 44, 276 26 77
   Local Time    Time Check    100
   Local Pharmacy    Pharmacy Information    130
   Information Services    Paid    181, 188, 169
     Free of Charge    118, 189, 279-07-90
   Dialing Codes    Almaty City    727
     Astana City    7172