Public Holidays

There are many public, professional and religious holidays in Kazakhstan. Holidays such as New Year's Day and Victory Day were inherited from the Soviet period, while Independence Day, Constitution Day, Solidarity Day and Capital City Day were instituted after Kazakhstan became independent.

Kazakhs, in fact, celebrate New Year’s Day twice. The first is the conventional New Year holiday recognized in most countries of the world and the second one is Nauryz, an ancient holiday celebrating spring and the rebirth of nature.


New Year's Day –  January 1-2

International Women's Day – March 8

Nauryz – March 21 through 23

Solidarity Holiday –  May 1

Victory Day – May 9

Capital City Day – July 6

The Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution Day – August 30

The First President's Day – December 1

Independence Day – December 16

Religious holidays in Kazakhstan

Orthodox Christmas – January 7

Kurban Ayt  – the date is floating


Fatherland Defender’s Day – May 7

Political Repression Victims Memorial Day – May 31

The Republic of Kazakhstan National Symbols’ Day – June 4

Police Day – June 23

Health Professionals’ Day – the third Sunday in June

Press, TV and Radio Day – the last Sunday in June

Diplomatic Service Day – July 2

Metal-Maker’s Day - the third Sunday in July

Transport and Communication Workers’ Day – the first Sunday in August

Builder’s Day – the second Sunday in August

Sports Day - the third Sunday in August

Miner’s Day - the last Sunday in August

Knowledge Day – September 1

Oil and Gas Complex Workers’ Day - the first Sunday in September

The Republic of Kazakhstan Languages Day - the third Sunday in September

Nuclear Industry Workers’ Day - September 28

Teacher’s Day – the first Sunday in October

National Currency Day – November 15

Agriculture Workers’ Day - the third Sunday in November

Note:  If a holiday falls on the weekend, it is celebrated on the next business day. Not all of the above celebrations are non-working days.