Unveiling Kazakhstan's Winter Festivals: Celebrate the Season with Cultural Experiences


Immerse yourself in the vibrant winter festivals of Kazakhstan and witness captivating traditions

1. Shymkent Winter Festival

Join the Shymkent Winter Festival and immerse yourself in the vibrant Kazakh culture. Experience traditional performances, indulge in local food delicacies, and participate in exciting winter activities like ice skating and sledding.


2. Nur-Sultan Winter Carnival

Participate in the Nur-Sultan Winter Carnival for a memorable cultural experience. Enjoy live music, dance performances, ice shows, and traditional Kazakh games. Delight in the festive atmosphere and create lasting memories.


3. Karaganda Ice Fishing Festival

Head to Karaganda for the Ice Fishing Festival and engage in this traditional Kazakh winter pastime. Bundle up and spend the day ice fishing, while enjoying warm drinks, local music, and a friendly atmosphere.


4. Pavlodar Ice Sculpting Workshop

Join the Pavlodar Ice Sculpting Workshop and learn the art of creating stunning ice sculptures from experienced artists. Unleash your creativity, carve unique designs, and marvel at the beauty of your frozen masterpiece.


5. Kostanay Winter Photography Exhibition

Visit the Kostanay Winter Photography Exhibition and admire a collection of stunning winter-themed photographs. Delve into the intricate details, compositions, and the awe-inspiring beauty captured by talented photographers.