Almaty Metro

The Almaty Rapid Transit System, known as the Metro, proves that the best things are worth waiting for. The construction began when Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union in 1988 and the first stage was put into operation 23 years later in 2011. The opening of the Metro coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan.

The Metro is currently the most modern system of those operating in former Soviet countries. More importantly, the Metro is a beautiful construction. For example, in the Auezov Dramteatr station the décor allows you to experience rich Kazakh history, culture and traditions, and in the Baikonour station you have a sense of being in a spaceship because of the construction and the speed of the train. Without doubt, many will find underground travel fascinating as well as efficient.

The stations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and safety systems. It is the only underground system in the former Soviet Union customized for people with disabilities. Currently, the metro has seven operating stations:

- Rayimbek (Furmanov str. c/o Rayimbek str.);
- Zhybek Zholy (Panfilov str. c/o Gogol str.);
- Almaly (Karasay batyr str. c/o Panfiliv str.);
- Abay (Abai str. c/o Furmanov  str.);
- Baikonur (Abai str. c/o Baitursynov str.);
- Dramteatr imeni Auezova (Abai str. c/o Mukanov str.);
- Alatau (Abai str. c/o Gagarin str.);

In two years two new stations will be launched as follows:

- Sayran (Abay Ave., between Tlendiev and Brusilovsky streets);
- Moscow (Abai Avenue, between Utegen batyr and Altynsarin streets).

Operational info:

Working hours: from 6:30 till 23:30

Frequency: during rush hours - every 10 min and normal hours - 15 min.

Pricing information: 80 Tenge (approximately 55 cents). Smart cards and tokens can be purchased

via ticketing windows and automatic terminals in the stations.

Special note: mobile phones do not work inside the metro.

A route map (in Russian) can be found at